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Masha from the TV series “Voronin” surprised fans of the show his transformation


Maria Ilyuhin became famous with the role of Masha Voronina in a Comedy series “Voronin” that goes on channel STS for eight years. Film fans are accustomed to seeing Masha as a little girl, but now the actress for 13 years, and from a funny little left over. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Still from the TV series “Voronin”

On his page “Vkontakte” Ilyuhin often shares with subscribers personal photos and pictures from the filming of the series. Many are surprised, as Mary grew up quickly.

“How long was I asleep! So beautiful and so big” “God, how old are you now? So grown up suddenly!”, “Until recently, very little was, and here look so pretty rose”, “How quickly time flies, Masha is quite large!” (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.)

Mary not only plays in the movie, but is professionally engaged in artistic gymnastics. Also with a four years old girl studying English.

В Марии уже с трудом можно узнать героиню сериала "Воронины"

Маша со своим экранным папой, актером Георгием Дроновым

Мария Ильюхина

Актеры сериала "Воронины"

Мария Ильюхина

Мария не только играет в кино, но и профессионально занимается художественной гимнастикой

Мария Ильюхина

Мария Ильюхина

Мария Ильюхина Фото:

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