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Masha Efrosinina admitted his main deficiency

Маша Ефросинина призналась в своем главном недостаткеThe presenter openly talked about what the life of a public person isn’t as perfect as many people think.

Masha Efrosinina shared on Instagram a new photo, which did not immediately see the flaw. On the trousers presenter, by some miracle, turned out to be the beaded decoration, which should not be there.

She signed his photo: “Sometimes I think that the ability to be in ridiculous situations – that’s my second calling! Today was going to an important meeting where I wanted to be radiantly fresh , I tried a new mask! I washed it, the cream was applied, and she happened to come forward white radiantly fresh stains on my face akurat during the meeting! And I still philosophize, tell about what/important life meanings… You look like a ghoul , which is contagious sneezed monster from “aliens”….And so my whole life : unbuttoned blouse, parsley in my teeth, falling into the most secular places ( completely sober), naming Julia a Tan.. or are mohnatka bead on the causal place during serious lectures”

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Subscribers did Masha Efrosinina a lot of compliments and thanked her for her candor, which can not all “stars”.

Маша Ефросинина призналась в своем главном недостатке

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