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MARUV excited hot photo session

MARUV взбудоражила "горячей" фотосессиейThe singer appeared on the pages of publications in several fascinating images

Shocking provocative MARUV (Anna Korsun) every time it finds something to surprise fans.

Hot dances, languid poses, candid photo shoots and various images, change the color and long hair, spicy and sexy stage outfits have become her trademark. However, recently the actress even appeared before the fans in a sensual way, showing a series of portrait photos in mesh garment. Outdoor shots for the Russian magazine OK! she tried on several bows, which caused a storm of delight of her fans. The results of their experiments in front of the camera Anna has shared in Instagram.

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Photoshoot took place a few months ago, but enjoy its results fans are only now. The footage MARUV posing in various images, similar to one another. She appeared before the fans in the form of refined fatal beauty in transparent gloves, showed the tenderness and fragility on the portrait photo with bare shoulders, trimmed long legs in black socks and teased fans with the Topless in the trench, artfully bare on camera.

“It was just a few months ago, but for me, if a year has passed. This is my crazy life and I love her very much!” the singer admitted.

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Burning hot photoset brunette couldn’t leave her fans, aesthetes indifferent. They began to pour compliments, comparing Anna with Monica Bellucci.

“Monica Bellucci!”, “Sexy!”, “Gorgeous!”, “A vintage beauty!”, “You’re stunning”, “Pretty girl”, “Such beauty and tenderness, these images cool each time, the diversity of your endless that it is impossible to tear your eyes”, “Legs as a separate art form”, “Panther!”, “Awesome!” – do not skimp on the praise of admiring commentators.

MARUV взбудоражила "горячей" фотосессией
MARUV взбудоражила "горячей" фотосессией
MARUV взбудоражила "горячей" фотосессией
MARUV взбудоражила "горячей" фотосессией
MARUV взбудоражила "горячей" фотосессией

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