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Marushevska told about the destruction of evidence of guilt Nasirov

Марушевская заявила об уничтожении доказательств вины НасироваA major fire at the Odessa customs in time almost coincided with the arrest Nasirova.

The former head of the Odessa customs Yulia Marushevska suggested that the staff of the State fiscal service of Ukraine was involved in the fire in the customs house, which was destroyed by the evidence against SFS head of the Roman Nasirov after his arrest.

According to Marushevskaya, after the arrest Nasirova in the building of the Odessa customs, where all computers, there was a fire.

“And firefighters filled in all equipment with water. As I understand it, thus, destroyed some evidence and databases. They realized that the NEB has decided to take up Nasirov seriously. And one of his crafts – work with sites. Ie, markets where the goods at a lower price and without the payment of internal taxes. Including the same “7 kilometer”. Nasirov with these companies very closely “worked”. This is a very large amount of cache and powerful corruption streams”, – quotes Marushevska ZN.UA. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

She added that fire damaged the Cabinet appointed after the dismissal of Marushevskaya Gennadiy Ivanenko. In addition, the fire burned or has been flooded several offices of the Odessa customs.

Commenting on the arrest of his former boss, ex-head of the Odessa customs said that the long-awaited it.

“To be honest, the first thing I thought — why wait so long? This should have been done a year ago…,” said Marushevska.

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