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Marsh repeats

Болотная повторяется

Pavel Ustinov — year probation. That is 25 thousand at the rally. Old arithmetic. Came to 100 thousand — and Ustinov would not only justify, in front of him would have apologized.

A 25 thousand — well, sorry, here is your year of probation here is the extension of the arrest of Nikita Circulo and obvious prospects for the rest of the prisoners.

Because the government is also able to count and see: the protest is on the decline. It was 60 — was 25. So we can push on.

It’s very simple, repeated Marsh. First, the power was frightened, and then came to. At first, people got angry, and then tired. And again we’re going on the same rake.

This is our defeat. It is hoped that all those people who were I/we perceive it as a slap in my face and calms down, “just a year on probation.”

Ay, Ustinov found guilty. That the policemen rip the hands beating us. You can live with?

I’m not going.

Dmitry Gudkov, a politician

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