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Mars will send a robot that would prepare the planet for life

На Марс отправят робота, который подготовит планету для жизниScientists sent to Mars specifically designed robot, which will improve the planet before the arrival of the first colonists.

Such plans were shared by the representatives of the divisions of NASA, dealing with the implementation of the project “the Rover 2020”.

Experts deemed it necessary not to endanger the lives of the first colonists of Mars, because at the moment the conditions for life on the planet is totally unsuitable. Oxygen in the atmosphere of the cosmic body only 0.13 percent, at a time when the earth is 21 percent. Sent to explore the robot will spread across the planet, the microorganisms will give off oxygen.

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According to the researchers, the project will be possible within three years, and by the time the robot will test and will test to his duties, he performed at the highest level.

It is also reported that in addition to this step, scientists have conceived of a more global action. It’s about creating a special dome, which will be built around Mars, and it will protect the planet from the magnetic influence. And in the distant future possible construction of a nuclear reactor for energy production.

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