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Mars want to adapt for life

Марс хотят адаптировать для жизниIf you succeed, then on the lake it will be possible to establish a “home” for the first space settlers

A group of researchers from the US wants to create on Mars a lake with drinking water. To do this, just… throw in Mars some small asteroid.

Proposed the concept of change in the climatic conditions of the red planet was named Mars Terraformer Transfer (MATT). It includes the establishment of continuously operating the lake on the surface of Mars presumably by 2036.

The main character in his scenario, the researchers gave the companion of the Shepherd. He “shoot” an asteroid (or some other celestial body small size) directly in the Red planet. As a result of the impact formed a crater that filled with meltwater subsurface ice. The authors of this idea say that educated in this way, the lake can survive for several thousand years. And most importantly it doesn’t need special engineering preparation of the surface of the planet.

If you succeed, then on the lake it will be possible to establish a “home” for the first space settlers. Enterprising researchers have even invented for them a sphere of activity: people will be able to earn a living prey fragments of the fallen meteorites.

Creators MATT noted that the development has already been patented. According to them, at least 6 American companies can build needed for a mission companion Shepherd, using the existing hardware.

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