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Mars spotted an unusual artifact with the inscription on the side

На Марсе засекли необычный артефакт с надписью на бокуPublished the corresponding video.

In the pictures from Mars, published yesterday on the official website of the National aerospace Agency of the USA – NASA, UFO, was on YouTube under the name “Streetcap1” has discovered an unusual artifact with the inscription on the side.

In may, the Mars Rover “Opportunity”, launched to the Red planet within the Mars program “Mars Rover Opportunity”, began to study the valley of Perseverance, located on the inner slope of the vast endeavour crater. In a series of photos from the crater, the transmitted interplanetary vehicle on the Ground, almost smooth surface of the valley, which, according to scientists, could have formed several billion years ago as a result of the large flow of running water.

Not surprisingly, the virtual archaeologist has attracted unusual for the area large, dark structure, in appearance resembling a space probe or an emergency space capsule.

Exploring the found object, a UFO was noticed that on his side there is a bright rectangular spot, which may be a name or license plate “capsule”.

YouTube users who watched video virtual researchers believe that the inscriptions present the figure “5” and the letter “V” under the sign of the square root.

But to know if it really is fashionable only if “Opportunity” will again be next to this Martian object and photograph it from a closer distance.

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