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Mars saw the silhouette of a soldier with a gun

На Марсе разглядели силуэт солдата с ружьемScientists have noticed on the planet Mars, an object that is very similar to a soldier with a gun.

Ufologists found on the surface of Mars, an object that looks very much like an armed soldier. The images were published by NASA, and to fix them has been the Curiosity Rover.

By studying the images NASA received through Curiosity, ufologists noticed on the surface of Mars to the strange object. Closer, the experts came to the conclusion that externally it resembles the soldier, frozen in stone. Moreover, in the hands of the object, the researchers noticed a strange weapon. Many ufologists are Amateurs admitted that the Rover on the surface was able to capture this alien warrior. Others believe that it is artificially created and placed on the Red planet on the subject. Consensus regarding the origin of the findings of users on the network yet.

I must say that the ufologists say they have noticed some kind of body armor on a soldier, but also a strange shape. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Although it is likely, in fact, we have another stone, natural origin like a soldier.

“Official science continues to remain silent. And the soldiers in the armor, meanwhile, continue to roam Mars, and to conceive, at the same time, it is not known that. We are extremely alarmed at the current situation and believe that the danger, at least, threatening to the Rover, and as a maximum — to all mankind” — say the scientists-ufologists.

Earlier photos from Mars “found” many interesting things and like people, animals or objects on the earth. So, some time ago ufologists were able to identify there is something resembling this three-meter humanoid. While some believe that this is proof of life on the planet, others call it a good imagination of ufologists or falsification.

На Марсе разглядели силуэт солдата с ружьем

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