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Mars Rover Curiosity has collected soil for analysis

Марсианский ровер Curiosity собрал грунт для анализаThe Rover Curiosity landed on the planet within the mission of the NASA Mars Science Laboratory in 2012.

After 18 months of inactivity on-Board laboratory, the Rover Curiosity is back to working condition thanks to the work of engineers from the laboratory of NASA for the study of jet propulsion.

This became possible after the development of new methods of stabilizing drilling without stops, the official website of NASA.

“It was a feat, it represents months and months of work our team. Engineers had to create a new way for Rover to drill rocks on Mars after December 2016 a mechanical problem ruined the drill,” said Jim Erickson, project Manager of the mission Mars Science Laboratory NASA.

May 20, the new technique allowed Curiosity to drill first in 2016, the rock sample. May 31, he managed to push through the Martian powder in the laboratory of the Rover. First data on the soil specimen will appear within weeks.

Testing a new method of drilling, and also new methods of delivery of samples will continue. However, even the first result is already a milestone for the mission, say the engineers.

“The scientific team was confident that the engineers contend – are so confident that we went back to the pattern that we missed before. The risk paid off, and now we have a key pattern that we may have never received. Surprisingly, we had the opportunity after five years of the mission. This means that we can resume the study of mount sharp, which Curiosity is raised now,” said one of the members of the mission, Ashwin Vasavada.

The engineers managed to develop a new drilling method in which the Rover uses as the stop is only a manipulator, clamping the drill to the ground. NASA experts decided to use a force transducer, which was originally intended to stop the manipulator during collision with objects. Now he helps the manipulator to estimate the amount of force applied during drilling.

The Rover Curiosity landed on the planet within the mission of the NASA Mars Science Laboratory in 2012. The Rover is an Autonomous chemical laboratory several times larger and heavier than the previous Rovers. A few years of work, the Rover has provided many interesting data and made many beautiful images of the red planet.

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