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Mars noticed a powerful glow

На Марсе замечено мощнейшее сияние Unlike Earth, Mars is no strong magnetic field

NASA scientists have noticed on the surface of Mars, a powerful radiance, which was 25 times brighter than similar events that were recorded before. This was reported by representatives of the aerospace Department of the USA.

American experts believe that the powerful lights on the red planet was caused by a solar storm, which took place on 11 September.

An outbreak occurred on the Sun a huge burst of plasma, she made the Mars Shine. The fact that solar storms constantly provoke ultraviolet Aurora on the red planet by the impact on the atmosphere. Last September 11, the storm used Mars as a light bulb, giving the energy of the plasma. Unlike Earth, Mars is missing a strong magnetic field, so the Aurora occurs not only at the poles, but is able to envelop the entire planet.

This told the scientists at the University of Colorado at boulder, showing the planets made by NASA using orbital spectrograph.

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