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Marry a Ghost: strange traditions from all over the world. Photo

Замуж за призрака: странные традиции с разных уголков мира. ФотоIt turns out that in some cultures, the possibility of marriage with the deceased person.

The phenomenon of posthumous marriage is the Alliance when one or even both of the couple dead. It is common practice in China, Japan, France, Sudan and the United States. In this overview, you can see why people tie the knot with those who are no longer alive.

China: grave robbing and the cock as groom

Замуж за призрака: странные традиции с разных уголков мира. Фото

According to ancient Chinese custom, the eldest son must marry before his younger brothers. If the elder brother dying unmarried at a young age, that is, a solution which preserves the traditional order: Ghost marriage. It is used in China for the solution of religious problems. Chief among them is the desire to appease the restless spirit, who alone went to the light. It is believed that the ghosts of the unmarried men can inflict a disease on someone from the family members, or be in a dream and to Express their desire to marry.

Sometimes the situation is different. If a couple decided to get married and the man dies before the wedding, the bride can agree on marriage with the spirit of the elect. During the ceremony instead of the bride is white cock. The bird also rides in a wedding carriage, and then escort bride the official meeting with the family of the groom. But such marriages are rare because of the requirements of the bride. After all, she has to move to live in the family of her late husband, and to take a vow of celibacy.

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Ghost marriage is illegal in China, starting with the reign of Mao Zedong, but this ritual is still found in some regions of the country. This tradition may seem harmless, but sometimes it leads to crimes. In 2013, four men in Northern China was sentenced to prison for the exhumation of the corpses of 10 women and selling them to families where dead single men. The female body was intended to be buried at the cemetery next to the dead, to give them “eternal fellowship.”

Japan: Marriage with a doll

Замуж за призрака: странные традиции с разных уголков мира. Фото

In Japan believe that people who die early, holding a grudge on the living. Ghosts deprived of sexual and emotional components of marriage, as well as the possibility of procreation, will torment their living relatives illnesses, financial troubles, or obsession perfume. To appease the spirit of the deceased, it is necessary to divert, for example, to marry.

Here lies the main difference from the Chinese tradition: in Japan, a Ghost marriage is contracted not with a live person, with a doll of the bride or groom. The doll in this tradition appeared in the 1930-ies, when Japan was actively at war, and it was difficult to find brides for the large number of fallen soldiers. During the wedding ceremony the bride doll and the photo of the dead man is placed in a glass box to “present” their Union. The box is kept in the groom’s family for another 30 years, the Ghost did not disturb the living.

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France: Legal marriage for the victims, engaged people

Замуж за призрака: странные традиции с разных уголков мира. Фото

France is a country in which a living person can legitimately enter into a marriage with his deceased “spouse”. Under the Civil code, the President of the Republic in the presence of serious reasons, may allow marriage registration when one of the future spouses is dead. The only condition we need to prove that the couple had indeed intended to marry. Since 1960, when the law was passed, to the present day took place more than a thousand registrations. Interestingly, 95 percent of the applications came from women.

Sudan: Children of two fathers

Замуж за призрака: странные традиции с разных уголков мира. Фото

The ethnic group Nuer from South Sudan, a Ghost marriage is contracted in a very particular way. If a person dies without male heirs, his brother might be the new husband of his wife. The children born to the “new” husband will be considered children of the deceased. This tradition arose in order to ensure the procreation of the deceased, and also keep his property in favour of the wife. Thus, the tradition of postmortem marriage tribe Nuer to maintain public order.

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