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Marriage unions that changed the course of history. Photo

Брачные союзы, изменившие ход истории. ФотоHistory filled not only with wars and tragedies.

It is a place for true love. This review presents couple whose love overcame many obstacles and even influenced the course of history.

Gao-Zong and Wu Zetian

Брачные союзы, изменившие ход истории. Фото

The romance between Emperor Gao Zong and Wu Zetian concubine was so scandalous, that became an important part of China’s history. When the Emperor, Tycoon died in the year 649 A. D., took the reins of his son Gao-Zong. According to tradition, after the death of the ruler all of his concubines were to shave their heads. One day, walking past the convent, Gao-Tsung, saw Wu Zetian. Despite the lack of hair, the girl had bested the Emperor in its beauty, and he ordered her to return to the Palace to become his concubine. Conservative public figures expressed their outrage at the decision of the ruler, but he didn’t care.

Gao-Zong is so loved and trusted Wu Zetian, which allowed her to participate in the governance of the country and crowned Empress. After the death of the ruler Wu Zetian freely took the throne and became the first female Emperor in China.

Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella of Castile

Брачные союзы, изменившие ход истории. Фото

Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella of Castile remained in history as the monarchs, during the reign which saw the peak of prosperity of Spain. Their Union was one of the few among the persons of Royal blood, who was imprisoned for love. Ferdinand and Isabella were married secretly. The fact that at the time Castile was ruled by the half-brother of Isabel, Enrique, who himself wanted to marry her, to use sister as a political pawn.

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Secret wedding became a bolt from the blue. Ferdinand and Isabella had each other’s relatives, and to this Union needed the permission of the Pope. The Pope was afraid to give consent, but, nevertheless, the wedding took place. Marriage young lovers completed the unification of Spain and brought the country prosperity.

Pericles and Aspasia

Брачные союзы, изменившие ход истории. Фото

The relationship of Aspasia and Pericles in Athens in Ancient Greece has caused a real scandal. Pericles would be a speaker and a military General. He met Aspasia during the Symposium. The woman was not originally from Athens and Miletus, so she had much more freedom in society than the Athenian. Pericles was very fond of Aspasia, but he could not marry her since before you met her, ironically, passed a law that prevented the Athenians to marry foreigners. But every day until the end of his life Pericles Aspasia showered with kisses and Declaration of love.

Bajirao and Mastani

Брачные союзы, изменившие ход истории. Фото

In Indian folklore, in addition to the love story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal that led to the creation of the Taj Mahal, there are many other equally touching stories. The story of bajirao and Mastani is a classic tale of two star-crossed lovers. Bajirao was a Hindu, peshwa, which corresponds to today’s position of the Prime Minister. His contemporaries knew him as a fierce and ruthless warrior and commander, but behind closed doors, bajirao was known as a true romantic, and even built a sacred Palace for his beloved.

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Mastani was a Muslim concubine. Despite the disapproval of his family, bajirao married her. Relatives have conspired at every opportunity to prevent the communication of the spouses to each other. In separation from his beloved bajirao began to drink and eventually died from alcoholism.

Sacred band of Thebes

Брачные союзы, изменившие ход истории. Фото

Sacred band of Thebes is an example of an unusual love. In it consisted of gay couples. Vivanet Gorged, who headed the division, said that “their group bonded by friendship based on the love that can never be broken”. The hope was that no one soldier never leaves the battlefield, if it will remain his best friend. By the way, the Thebans in 371 BC defeated the Spartans in the battle on the plain Levktra, thereby destroying the myth of Spartan invincibility.

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