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Marked decline in sales of smartphones to Microsoft Lumia

Published financial report of the company Microsoft in the last quarter of 2016, a section of which is devoted to the activities of its mobile division. No matter how hard the marketers, but the Lumia smartphones did not take root, their sales again dipped, and, moreover, very strongly.

The decline in demand for smartphones, Microsoft Lumia was affected by many factors — lack of apps on Windows 10 Mobile, outdated models and high prices. As a result, the loss of 81% of revenue during the year, and in quantitative terms, the situation is similar: the volume of sales decreased by 50 percent. Again, Nokia is now releasing its own mobile phones on Android, and if it goes on, Microsoft will have to completely abandon the smartphone market.

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However, she has a chance to fire the weapons under the name Microsoft Windows 10, and we are talking about a full-fledged desktop OS: in the end of 2016, she has acquired the support of Qualcomm processors, which are used by many modern smartphones, what will allow in the very near future to see a smartphone that performs the same functions as desktop PC. Probably the first such device will be shown this year.

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