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Maria Pogrebnyak tearfully begged me to let her out of a malfunctioning plane Aeroflot

Maria Pogrebnyak told subscribers to his Instagram about the incident that happened to her in the airport Sheremetyevo. The blonde said that already a few hours sitting in the plane that cannot take off due to technical failure. According to Mary, the flight attendants will not allow passengers to leave the cabin of the aircraft. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“I want to leave the flight! I can’t sit 2 hours in the plane that cannot fly due to a technical fault! Before inviting passengers aboard, check the aircraft!” — wrote Pogrebnyak (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

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Mary also recorded a video message to Aeroflot, which was soon deleted. In the video, the girl barely held back tears. “I really want to go to Aeroflot. We were told that the plane for technical reasons, is not working properly. We can’t go. We’re on a plane for two hours and another hour we sit. I see that plane any problems. Cars constantly near him go. I beg you, I want to leave this plane! I say I’m Board can not leave. I don’t want to be on that flight to London, I mother of many children,” said Pogrebnyak.

Later the girl reported that the passengers released from the plane: “All dropped out of a plane! #aeroflot as to invite the passengers in the plane if you haven’t checked its serviceability? We are not ready to fly this plane! #Aeroflot Replace it!”

Video posted by Maria Pogrebnyak-Shatalova (@mariapoga_) Feb 10 2017 2:34 PST

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