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Maria Kozhevnikova touched bloggers pictures baptism

Actress and State Duma Deputy Maria Kozhevnikova in 2013, she married businessman Yevgeny Vasilyev. 19 Jan 2014 the couple had a son Ivan, and almost a year later Maxime. Maria rarely shares photos of her husband on the Network, so each the fans greeted lively.

January 19, Orthodox Christians celebrated Epiphany in honor of this holiday, Maria decided to share the vintage photos with the fans, because it was the day he was born, and her eldest son.

Kozhevnikova has shown, as was the baptism of John, retroraw bloggers loving family snapshots. One of the photos the van is depicted with her grandmother, Maria’s mother, and the other photo with the godfather Vyacheslav Fetisov.

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“Our son, our Vanya, – you’re born the way I imagined you in my dreams! I am extremely happy that high in heaven, making the choice who will be your mommy chose me, and I will, my little penguin Lolo, be sure to justify your trust!!! You’re our happiness and endless joy, you give us strength with their radiant-an open smile, and your kind words make our hearts beat faster! Ivashka, be healthy and happy, be stubborn and hardworking, and let the dream of space and loved the planet Mars you will be conquered!!! Believe in you son!!! Happy Birthday, our John.” (Spelling and punctuation authors — approx. ed.) has congratulated the son with the birthday of the actress.

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“Everything in the world is amazing!!! But more wonderful of all — the birth of a child! As for the first 9 months of nothing appear bone, skin, vessels, blood, eyes, nose, nogotochki… For me, already twice a mother, it’s still the secret of the Lord, the most captivating and fascinating! P. S. When doing collage, and could not believe my eyes, I unconsciously have always dyed my hair the color of his son. Only saw! Funny, someone can explain it?” — she signed a collage with photos of his son.

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