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MARE TENEBRARUM: Kinometry the depths of the sea

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Writer, horror fan and marine biologist Peter Perminov – about the terrible monsters that inhabit the dark depths of the oceans… Mare tenebrarum (lat.) – dark sea.

Me living in the heart of Russia, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, nearly a thousand kilometers from the nearest coast, since childhood was attracted by the vast expanses of the Ocean. It covering two thirds of our planet, staying in perpetual motion, majestic and terrible, was, is and will continue to be a source of inspiration for artists, writers, poets and filmmakers. The ocean at the same time is striking in its natural beauty, attracts and at the same time scary. His all-destroying power, and that the forest – dark uncharted depths, able to absorb the Everest – centuries thrill in the hearts of men. What is there in the depths? What secrets, what monsters lurk under the multi-ton mass of waters? There waiting for unwary explorers Charybdis, there are biblical Leviathan, there, in his sunken tomb waiting for Cthulhu, there sports Moby dick there

Since ancient times, alien dreams, besbury sleep
Sleep The Kraken…

(lines from a poem by Alfred Tennyson “the Kraken” in the translation by K. Balmont)

Well, let us take a dive into the abyss of the ocean and look at the inhabitants of the ocean from two points of view – the marine biologist and fan of chinkororo.

First we met a monster, forever prowling in the water column, would definitely be a shark. Sharks… Huge, swift, voracious, soulless, has not changed over a couple of hundred million years – exactly as they draws the imagination of most people, far from the sea. (Just to clarify that among ichthyologists ideas about sharks, how about the creatures brain is indiscriminate in food, long gone. Yes, and opinions about staying almost in the Paleozoic era of the evolution of these cartilaginous fish, to put it mildly, not true.) Of course, we all love statistics. This stubborn lady assures us that in an average year, sharks make around 75 attacks on people, and only 10 of them end tragically, by the bees die much more that of the 477 species of sharks in the attack on the person is guilty, only 27, even in Australia, where gray Cougar killed one person a year, a chance to drown, swimming in the sea, 20 times higher chance to be bitten, but… But why, then, filmmakers from year to year makes sharks the main sea monsters? Probably because it is difficult to imagine inhabitant of the ocean more deadly than a shark. Here she appears from somewhere in the blue sea as a barely visible shadow. Here she describes around you gradually shrinking circles. Here it was very close, and you see her blank, expressionless eyes, her mouth, studded with several rows of sharp triangular teeth, its scales, hard as sandpaper, able to flay a flap of skin from your body with one sliding touch… Another moment, and she’ll make my roll to bite you in half. Agree, about how we imagine a shark attack, blindly in my head, the scene of many works of cinema.

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