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Marchuk explained that stopping to introduce UN peacekeepers to Ukraine

Марчук объяснил, что мешает ввести миротворцев ООН в УкраинуYevhen Marchuk noted some troubling nuances.

What are the nuances of introduction into the territory of Ukraine of the UN peacekeeping mission, said the representative of Ukraine in the security subgroup of the Trilateral contact group on the Donbas and the head of the International Secretariat on security and civilian cooperation between NATO and Ukraine Yevhen Marchuk.

About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

Marchuk noted at once that the invitation of foreign troops in the competence of the Verkhovna Rada, which should argue their UN proposal.

“If we in the sentence indicate the aggression of Russia, it will mean war between the two States. Peacekeepers have, as a rule, in such cases, do not participate. If we don’t show the aggression of Russia, so we have an internal civil conflict and then peacekeepers can participate,” he opened one of the nuances.

Next stumbling block Marchuk calls required the consent of the parties, and as terrorists in the Donbass we do not recognize a party to the conflict, it is necessary the signature of the true aggressor.

“If Russia agrees to be a party to the conflict and even in the UN? I don’t think. Russian President Vladimir Putin had repeatedly stated Russia’s position on this issue – “ihtamnet,” he says.

He also suggests that even in the case of a preliminary agreement with Russia’s full withdrawal from the Donbass “regular, but batchewana troops”, there will be only two army corps ORDO, which in turn again raises the important question of the recognition of the militants side.

“Without the consent of the warring parties actually peacekeepers in the zone of practical fighting will never send,” he says, Recalling that in any event the vote in the security Council, Russia is likely to block.

According to the expert, even in the case in support of the resolution on sending peacekeepers to Ukraine is a question of the number of military and footage of their work as to occupy the whole contact line (426 km) and uncontrolled Ukraine area of the border (406 km 700 m) you need a lot of resources.

“If Russia will agree to a peacekeeping mission, she will insist not only include its contingent to the mission, but also to introduce its representative into composition of the command mission. If Russia is not a party to the conflict, and it most likely will be a condition of Russia in this mission, then no argument for objecting to the inclusion of its contingent and the representative in command of the mission,” says Marchuk.

Another important problem on the way to the participation of peacekeepers in resolving the conflict in Ukraine Marchuk considers the need to ensure normal activities of the mission in the country, which was invited, and with the lack of control over part of the territories is difficult to implement.

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