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March 30-Warm Alex: what you can and cannot do

30 марта -Теплый Алексей: что можно и нельзя делатьWarm Alex legend has brought Ukrainians to the present spring heat

Warm Alex (Alexis) according to Orthodox tradition is revered in the penultimate day of the first month of spring – March 30.

Previously, the people in that day worshiped nature, preparing for spring field work and closely watched the weather. Styler decided to find out what can and what should not be done on this spring day.

Earlier in the day, it was decided to go early morning fishing, as the fish approached the surface of the water. Out took out the potatoes from the cellar, checked the hives.

All work on the farm, it was important to finish it in the morning to the evening to gather around the family table and to honor the memory of St. Alexis over dinner. Night work is strictly prohibited.

Also according to tradition, was navigate mother-in-law. On this day drank honey-birch compote. And also paid tribute to the birch, which was the symbol of purity. Alexei gathered birch buds, because she believed that on this day, they have healing power.

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According to legend, Alex, born into a wealthy family, refused a full life and believed in God, decided to devote himself to the service of God. On the eve of his wedding, he ran away and for many years he traveled, worked hard, devoted their lives to prayer, good works, eating only alms.

Years later he returned home and lived in the closet because the parents didn’t recognize it and continued to mourn my son.

The people said March 30: “Alex – from the mountains flow”. Often on this day, the melt water flowing into rivers from the mountains, and in some areas can even come flooding.

Usually this penultimate spring day March truly warm and tender was. By the way, for tomorrow weather forecasters predict Sunny weather in most parts of Ukraine.

The kids loved to put paper boats on the streams. There is a legend, if on March 30 to put on the first melt water, the boat will be the family with the harvest.

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Folk omens on Alexei say the following:

Heat on Alexei meant that the year will be fruitful.
If the weather is cool March 30, it meant a cold spring.
A lot of melt water – a sign of what will be a rich harvest.
No starlings – wait for inclement weather.
Geese fly high – the expected snowfall.
If the hazel catkins have appeared, then winter’s over, you can plant the poppy seeds, radishes and flowers.
If weave 30 Mar network and go with her fishing throughout the year fish will be caught.
If Alexy to pray, many honey will.
To accept on 30 March, if that day falls on a Monday, not in a way to gather is to failure.
By Alexis hunt will be successful.

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