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Many Statema and sharks in the Asian trailer of the film “Meg: Monster of the deep”

In Japan and China, and indeed in Asia, as you know, like the huge monster. And this is a huge market that can bring distributors the income level of the market of the USA and Canada, so now many films in Hollywood are initially created with the expectation and on the Asian audience. And not only there – think about the sequel of the national “Wii”, which is taken in collaboration with the Chinese.

Here is the blockbuster “Meg: Monster of the depths” (The Meg), whose main characters are Jason Statham and the giant ancient shark, profiteer Asian trailer. How is it different from all others? Yes, at least in the abundance of people of Asian appearance in the frame – you might get the impression that this is actually a movie about them 🙂

It is also important to note that this is really a NEW trailer, it is not so, as in the debut video: different mounting, different music, a lot of new shots and scenes. In General, if you are interested in this project, it’s worth a look.

The plot, recall, is a novel Steve Alten. Director — John Turteltaub (“national Treasure”). Starring in the film are played CGI Megalodon, Jason Statham (“Crank”), ruby rose (“John Wick 2”), rain Wilson (“House of 1000 corpses”), Li Bingbing (“the Fall of the last Empire”), cliff Curtis (“die hard 4.0”), Robert Taylor (Storm warning) and Shuya Sophie Kai (“the Place only we know”).

Professor of paleontology Jonas Taylor last elite pilot deep-sea submersibles, has for many years writes about the mega and lectures, trying to forget the unforgettable, tragically ended an expedition, which has convinced him that the primal beast exists in our days. At a secret dive in the deepest ocean canyon Taylor barely escaped from the jaws of a huge prehistoric monster, capable of lifting even the t-Rex. Taylor offered to do an even deeper dive. What he might find, ought to silence the skeptics, but when this finding will be raised from the seabed, the ocean tides will be blood red until the end of time.

Summer in theaters. Russia – 9 August 2018.

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