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Manna from Heaven: the home of the American fallen 7 pounds of meat

Манна Небесная: на дом американца свалилось 7 килограммов мяса It is not excluded that the meat fell from the plane.

Family from the American city of Deerfield beach, Florida, woke up in the middle of the night by a terrible roar. They thought that it thundered. It turned out, however, that everything is much more mysterious. The owner of the house went up on the roof and found there seven kilograms of frozen pork.

Travis Adar and his family wonder who dropped them on the roof of the frozen meat.

Spouse Travis Jenny suggested that it fell off from a cargo plane that flew over their house.

“Maybe it even has something to do with the drugs. I do not know. I would really like to know the truth,” said the American.

Son of the couple Aydarov just in case cut the meat into pieces, but no illegal substances were found inside. The Americans called the company that made them was found on the roof of the meat. Her name was listed on the package.

“They said they don’t know what I’m talking about. Perhaps people have thought I was crazy,” said Adar. The family plans to connect the police to investigate the mysterious incident.

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