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Mankind are in grave danger, scientists

Человечеству угрожает смертельная опасность, - ученыеThe Earth is approaching asteroid, which could destroy a whole city.

The Earth is approaching a deadly asteroid that could destroy the city if going to crash into the surface.

If a space body falls into water, it can cause a tsunami. This was stated by the astronomer and a supporter of conspiracy theories Dr. Z..

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The astronomer noted that NASA scientists hid from the people this threat. The Agency reported that the asteroid will fly close to Earth on February 25, but did not specify that its diameter ranges from 482 to 965 meters. NASA claim that the asteroid is likely to depart from the outer part of the Solar system.

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But the Z. sure the body comes from the legendary giant hidden planet known as Nibiru or Planet X, which according to the claims of conspiracy theorists, is beyond Neptune and is going to destroy the Earth. NASA has disproved this myth.

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