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Maniac from “Hunter’s mind” will get stuck in the web with Lisbeth Salander

Actor Cameron Britton, appeared in a recent episode of David Fincher’s “Hunter mind” in the role of a real serial killer Edmund Kemper, joined the caste of a detective Thriller “the Girl who got stuck in the web”. The film is an adaptation of the novel of David Lagercrantzcontinuing the popular trilogy of Swedish writer Stieg Larsson. The first three books have already been filmed by Niels Arden Opleva and Daniel Alfredsson, then the remake of the first part filmed in the States the same Fincher, and the sequel does the Director of the horror film “evil dead: Black book” Federico Alvarez.

To Mikael Blomkvist is drawn by the famous Swedish scientist Professor boulder with a request to publish his work. The Professor has already offered his protection SEPO — state security Service of Sweden, but he wants to protect his life’s work of leading world achievements in the field of artificial intelligence and publish it.
Boulder resorts to the help of Lisbeth Salander in emergency situations. Girl-hacker is once again using his old nick OSA in trying to hack the national security Agency of the United States.
It soon becomes clear that boulder and Blomkvist join forces, and over Lisbeth Salander is under threat: it is closely watched ruthless cyber criminals calling themselves the Spiders, which very soon begins to terrorize the whole of Stockholm, and in particular the team of the magazine “Millennium” and the Blomkvist and Salander.

Earlier, the cast has been joined by new “the girl with the dragon tattoo” Claire Foy. The role of her twin sister Camille will perform Sylvia hooks, and one of the opponents Lisbeth will play Claes Bang. As in the case of the latter, try a little guessing game and assume that Britton will play the computer genius, Frans boulder, around which the prosecution and twisted plot.

“The girl who got stuck in the web” will reach the screens on 19 October 2018.

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