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Maniac farmer for $ 2,000 (TRAILER)

Love for the horror she is. It makes people shoot for pennies a semi-Amateur movies, full of the good old ultra violence. And sometimes – rarely, but it happens – these films become hits. In the end, “Texas chainsaw massacre”, “night of the living dead” or, say, “Paranormal activity” has done for the most part on the enthusiasm and no sane budgets.

Today we will tell you about another indie, which is called “Farmer-manyak” (Maniac Farmer). The trailer, by the way, is very good.

Movies Matthew Williams he’s the Director and actor, and screenwriter, and the operator, as often happens in this kind of cheap products. The budget of the film, if you believe IMBD, amounted only to two thousand bucks. However, it is necessary to clarify that the film is now in the stage of “post-production”, and therefore these figures are not final. Although frankly, it is very unlikely the result will be that “the Farmer-maniac” will be worth a couple mil 🙂

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A gang of street punks, led by killer Blasmusik Rex, meets his fate when you decide to attack a seemingly helpless farmer.Interested in indie horror? Then read this article:

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