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Maniac boy band Slashstreet Boys are back with a new hit!

Last Halloween, the Network blew up the perky clip of Slashstreet Boys, which became a cult magazines. Ghost face, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and leatherface – it turns out that these guys sing and dance! Needless to say, their performance will be long remembered. Meanwhile, Halloween is once again approaching, and our favorite assassins are back with a fresh video.

The clip is called “I’ll Kill You That Way”; of course, this is again a parody of the once popular “boy” band Backstreet Boys. Was cool, like last time. Again in the course of cute to the eye and ear horror fan chips, humor and good picture. The ghostly face still obsessed with Sidney, Freddie is still the same curmudgeon. And Voorhees and Myers are still sullen undecideds, not just talking, but singing. And how.

In General, the test creative. Watch the clip and wait for information about the international tour Slashstreet Boys!

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