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MANDY is a masterpiece?

Storage-inside, that is the news-hearing from the “for what has bought, for and sell”. The accuracy of the information do not answer, but if it turns out true, we will be happy (and then you know which site to say “thank you”).

The action-Thriller “Mandy” (Mandy) have long attracted the attention of the Zone of Horror and #pryamoseychas we’re giving away 10 tickets to special screenings of this film. Took it off on his own script Director Panos Cosmatos (“On the other side of the rainbow”) with Nicolas cage and Andrea Riseboro (“Birdman,” “Oblivion”) in the lead roles.

If you’ve been following the news about “Mandy”, watched the trailer, stills and all that, you already know that the movie promises to please lovers of sheet metal, and old school psychedelia. The Russian premiere is scheduled for October 11, 2018, but the memory has long arms and a lot of good friends to the cinema and the box office. So some of our insiders have ALREADY managed to watch a movie on the big screen – and was not just impressed, but amazed.

Next are direct quotes:

“Mandy” is Moshiach…but Postolache movie to watch, realnet full pogruzhennogo generally crazy

Not weak, right? Moreover, it is necessary to understand what the insiders of our movies usually watch on duty, watching a lot and not always with pleasure. But really really impressed (not that delight!) these guys can only one movie of hundreds, if not thousands. In General, expect the premiere.

Recall synopsis:

1983. Lumberjack Red with a lovely wife Mandy live quietly in the midst of pristine nature. However, the idyll intrudes the evil — sect bikers and Satanists. Seeing Mandy in the woods, the sinister cult leader ordered to kidnap the girl, drug her pumps and gives the ritual burning. And leaves no choice to the Red, but to embark on the path of revenge.

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