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Man-made wonders of the world, not “survived” until our days. Photo

Рукотворные чудеса света, не "дожившие" до наших дней. ФотоArchitecture, which we can only admire the pictures.

Since ancient times the most outstanding architectural buildings and unique creations of nature from the total number allocated in separate lists. The authorship of the first list of wonders of the world, consisting of three places, attributed to Herodotus. Over time the list has expanded to seven wonders. The only thing that remains of them to the present day, is the pyramid of Cheops in Giza. The rest of the monuments were destroyed by natural disasters or military actions.

In addition to the wonders of the ancient world on the planet there were other man-made and not man-made monuments, which were gathering to watch the millions of tourists. But like the seven wonders of the world, many of them till our days “did not live”. We found 10 iconic landmarks of the past, to appreciate the beauty which is now possible only in the pages of history books.

Рукотворные чудеса света, не "дожившие" до наших дней. Фото

Penn station, new York

Built in 1905-10 years, Penn station was the largest architectural complex in the style of bozar in the United States. The gate leading into the building, reminiscent of Brandenburg in Berlin, and the waiting room was decorated in the style of the baths of Caracalla. The station quickly became a hallmark of the city and one of the main attractions of Manhattan. In 1963, without prior public discussion, the station was demolished and in its place built the office center. After years on the foundations of the old station was built new, but the new building has a distinct architectural style.

Рукотворные чудеса света, не "дожившие" до наших дней. Фото

Royal Opera house Valletta, Malta

The theatre was built by the British architect Edward Middleton Barry. The theater building became one of the most beautiful in the city. After only 7 years after opening in the theater there was a fire. Most fire damaged the interior of the theater, but by 1877 the theatre was restored. After re-opening, the theatre has stood still for 65 years: in 1942 during the Second world war the building was completely destroyed in the bombing.

Рукотворные чудеса света, не "дожившие" до наших дней. Фото

The Tomb Of Jonah, Mosul

According to one legend, the biblical prophet Jonah, after preaching in Nineveh remained there to live the rest of their days. On a hill near the city of Mosul was built by his tomb. The place was considered Holy and is annually visited by thousands of pilgrims from all parts of the world. In 2014, the extremist Islamic organization, destroyed the tomb. In addition to the tomb, the militants destroyed the tombs of Sufi sages, two Cathedral, Assyrian Church, Dating back to the III century ad, and the other 28 sites.

Рукотворные чудеса света, не "дожившие" до наших дней. Фото

The Globe, London

The first globe theatre was built in 1599 the means of the troupe of actors Lord Chamberlain”s Men, which was Shakespeare. In 1613 during a performance of Henry VIII, the theatre was destroyed by a fire. A theatrical cannon misfired, resulting in ignited the thatched roof and wooden beams. In 1614, the theatre was restored, however, like other theaters, in 1642, the “globe” was closed by the puritans, and two years later demolished. Modern “globe” opened in 1997. The building was built at a distance of about 200 meters from the original location of the theater. Unlike the first theatre that took 3,000 people, in today’s “globe” view setting may not be more than 1300 people.

Рукотворные чудеса света, не "дожившие" до наших дней. Фото

The porcelain pagoda, China

Buddhist temple in Nanjing was built during the Chinese Ming dynasty. Octagonal 78-metre high pagoda was built of white porcelain bricks. Along with Tangtse and Ling in Ming dynasty construction was considered one of the three famous temples of the city, and the European travelers called the tower one of the wonders of China. In 1801, the three upper tier of the tower was damaged by lightning. The temple was restored, but in 1856 the building was demolished Taiping, who feared that enemies could use the tower as an observation post.

Рукотворные чудеса света, не "дожившие" до наших дней. Фото

Bath Sutro, San Francisco

Seven swimming pools with water of different temperatures located under a glass dome, was opened in 1864. The complex could host up to 10,000 people. Despite the large capacity and popularity, due to the high operating costs, the project was a commercial failure. During the great depression of the on-site pools an ice skating rink opened. In 1964, losing the complex was closed, and two years later it was destroyed by fire.

Рукотворные чудеса света, не "дожившие" до наших дней. Фото

Pink and White terraces, New Zealand

Terrace on the lake Rotomahana long been considered one of the natural wonders of New Zealand. Terraces are formed by hot geothermal water streaming past the hill. Water left layers of silica, which later formed the terraces. In 1886 the eruption of the volcano Tarawera, the terraces were destroyed. On the site of the terraced crater with a depth of 100 meters, eventually turned into a new lake Rotomahana.

Рукотворные чудеса света, не "дожившие" до наших дней. Фото

Guaira, Paraguay

The guaíra falls on the paraná river is considered the largest waterfall in the world. Its height is 34 meters and the width is 4828 meters. Scientists estimate that the falls had the highest average consumption of all waterfalls in the world (793 000 m3/min). In 80-e years in this place, it was decided to build a hydroelectric power station. The waterfall was flooded, and to improve navigation of the cliff, forming a waterfall, blew up.

Рукотворные чудеса света, не "дожившие" до наших дней. Фото

Water Park Walt Disney World, FL

The world’s first water Park Walt Disney world opened in 1976. In 2001, the Park was closed for maintenance and never opened. Almost all slides and architectural structures remained intact. According to one version, the Park was closed due to the fact that he could not compete with parks Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.

Рукотворные чудеса света, не "дожившие" до наших дней. Фото

The Chakaltay, Bolivia

The only ski resort in Bolivia 15 years could boast the highest road in the world. However, as a result of climate change the glacier that formed more than 18,000 years ago, began to rapidly shrink in size. Since 1980 it has decreased by more than 80 %. A couple of years ago the snow was left covered only a few square meters. Edson Ramirez, a member of the Institute of hydrology in La Paz, suggests that in 2015, the glacier will completely disappear.

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