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Male at birth, the doctors called all the pros and cons

Мужчина на родах: врачи назвали все плюсы и минусыPhysicians outlined all the advantages and disadvantages of partnership delivery.

In the modern world has become a popular concept of partnership delivery. Women in advance of beginning to persuade their husbands that they went to the hospital with them and was present directly in childbirth, but is it all rosy as it might seem at first glance?

Doctors have called undeniable “pluses” of the presence of men in the delivery room:

Support. Women who give birth for the first time, very scary and they need a strong shoulder to rely on it. And who as not her husband capable of supporting his beloved wife?

Empathy. On birth, a man discovers that he has had to endure his wife to bestow upon his heir or heiress. After the hospital back home relationship of husband and wife becomes stronger, because the man will try to help the woman care for a newborn.

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The expression of feelings. When a child is born, the joy he feels not only his mom but also dad. And what a delight experienced by men who give hand a small bundle containing his newborn son or daughter? About it can tell only those who were present at birth.

Have to delivery partner and disadvantages:

Panic. Many men look manly, but this is just the outside. His eyes to watch the woman suffer and squirm from the pain of contractions, can only strong spirit of a real man. All the others start to panic and affect the morale of the women.

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A psychological barrier. After the delivery partner men often stop seeing their wives – beloved and coveted “second halves”. The only Association that occurs in men at the sight of his wife after a joint childbirth – “mother of my child” or simply “mother”. To overcome this barrier will be difficult and will take time.

Before you meet in childbirth along with his wife, the man should weigh all “for” and “against”, not to make the dumbest mistake in my life.

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