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Major world cities threatened by flooding

Крупным городам мира грозит затоплениеClimate change will only exacerbate already manifested problems.

In connection with global warming, London, Lagos, Shanghai and other world cities go under water, like the mysterious Atlantis, the experts said.

Scientists have predicted an increase of more than 40 cm water level of the oceans in the case of increasing the temperature 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. The organization Christian Aid believe that major cities of the world is threatened with destruction from the flooding.

According to scientists, the first flood will face the capital of the UK. In addition, climate change will only exacerbate already manifested problems – the city actively fights against settling of the soil. This is evidenced by the frequent use of the authorities of the Thames Barrier, which is the main flood protection. Built in 1984 the dam had intended to use about 3 times a year, but now are turning to the Barrier not less than 7 times annually.

Experts believe that Houston is at risk of flooding. The city over the years sank by 3 meters and continues to sink. Manila, Lagos, Dhaka and Shanghai will also suffer from climate change. It is possible that the Thai capital will also be under water.

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