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Majestic Tilda Swinton in a new still from “Suspiria”

Entertainment Weekly offers to throw another look at a promising horror movie “Suspiria” by the Italian bows Guadagnino.

Talented American ballerina arrives in Berlin to join the troupe of the legendary dance Academy. However within its walls she discovers something sinister and supernatural. Soon she realizes that the next victim if you do not have time to solve the mystery of the curse that has shrouded the famous ballet school.

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The plot is based on the eponymous picture of Dario Argento, released in 1977. Yes, to make remake such classics, you need to have considerable courage, but Guadagnino, Director of such films as “Big splash” and “Call me my name”, too, is no fool. Let’s see what he will.

Key role in new “Suspiria” was performed by Dakota Johnson (the Social network), chloë grace Moretz (“Kick-ass”), MIA Goth (Nymphomaniac), Sylvie testud (“Beyond silence”), Angela Winkler (“Darkness”), Elena Fokina (“there and then”) and Jessica Harper (the original “Suspiria”). Well, in the image below we can see the magnificent and majestic Tilda Swinton (“Occa”).

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The Russian premiere of “Suspiria” will be held on November 29, 2018.

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