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Main series from the 2015/2016 season under the version “the Movie”

Autumn – the traditional time of release of new episodes of favorite TV shows. In the material we gathered those TV shows, that are worth paying special attention this year.

Main series from the 2015/2016 season under the version “the Movie”

“Catch”Her name is Alice Martin and she’s a forensic accountant. The assets of Alice there are a few exposed major financial scams. And Alice is the groom Kieran, which itself is just one big financial Scam. Man, taking with them $2 million, jewelry and various Bank paper, escapes. When Alice learns that it has furnished a fraud, she decides, in whatever was to avenge the offender. In the TV series “Catch” channel “Hey-Bi-si” the main role is played by Mireille INOS, previously starring in the movie “world War Z” and in the American version of the TV series “Murder”.

The trailer of the series “the Catch”

“The gambler,”a Former intelligence officer named Alex is now engaged in expert evaluation of security systems. When those he crossed the road, killing his wife, Alex are employees of a private firm engaged in the capture of dangerous criminals around the world. He is offered a job and a chance to get even with the murderer of his wife. One of the main roles in the new series of the channel “al-Bi-si” played by the star of the movie series “blade” Wesley snipes.

The trailer of the series “the Player”

“Legends of tomorrow”In the show channel “C-W” combined characters of the two other projects – “Arrow” and “Flash”. When the vigilantes did not do their mission, the world would require a real legend. The man named Rip hunter has the ability to travel through time. Seeing what is done in the future, he realized that people need defenders. He assembles a team of heroes and villains, which will then have to face an incredible threat. The first of those was Wendell savage, which appeared in the comic “Green lantern” in 1943. This time historian Nate Haywood enlists the help of the mayor of star city Oliver Queen to find a flooded “Weldolet”. On Board, they find only Mika in stasis and awaken him, they find out what happened — without the time lords, the team of Rip hunter — Mick, ray, Sarah, Jefferson and Professor Stein continued to travel through the epochs, correcting the deviation in time, avoiding 1942 because of the warnings of Rex Tyler. Then they learned that new York was destroyed by a nuclear explosion this year, and felt that the Nazis kidnapped albert Einstein and forced him to build a bomb for them.

The trailer of the series “Legends of tomorrow”

The Muppets Famous Muppets, who recently returned to the big screen, now dwell and the TV. Channel “Hey-Bi-si” has decided to revive the same TV show, of course, somewhat modifying it. Muppet is waiting for a reality show about their personal life. The stated duration of each episode is 20 minutes.

The trailer of the series “the Muppets”

“Blind spot”in the Middle of times Square COP finds a bag with a label that says “Call the FBI”. In place call specialists bomb – they are in the bag at the naked girl, her body is covered with mysterious tattoos. The girl, played by Jamie Alexander of “Thor”, remembers nothing about himself, but on her back emblazoned the name of the FBI agent Carl Weller. Memory unknown, apparently, was erased. Her body’s clues to solving crimes that haven’t even happened. The main character along with the FBI, begins to know itself in new ways. She knows Chinese knows how to fight, she becomes the main evidence in many cases that leads Bureau.

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Trailer for the second season of the series “Blind spot”

Code “Frankenstein”Someone is breaking in to the former Sheriff. The old man, who was 75 years old, killed. Then his body falls to the scientists who, thanks to new unexplored technology, bring the man back to life. His body regenerated, he now looks 30. Over time he begins to realize that killed him not just. In his new position, there is only one problem – the fact that returned him to life and youth, need to recharge. In the normal state without consequences, it may be only a day. The Fox will show this new product in the fall.

The trailer of the series “Frankenstein Code”

“Supergirl”Television version of the comic book universe “DC”. Supergirl is the sister of Superman. She’s from the same planet, knows absolutely the same as her brother. When the heroine is fully aware of its power, it remains only to start fighting with the evil. In the new season in Kara to join, and Clark, better known as Superman.

The trailer of the series “Supergirl”

“Dissenting opinion”the basis of the series based on the eponymous film directed by Steven Spielberg. He tells about one of the Visionaries Arthur, who eleven years after the events of the films trying to live a normal life. It is plagued by visions of the future. He’s trying to prevent crime on their own. When Arthur once again fail, he meets the police detective, who will try to help him find a proper application of such a gift.

The trailer of the series “dissenting opinion”

“Rosewood”rosewood is not the name of a provincial town, and the name of a famous Miami pathologist. He is charming, smart and leads a healthy lifestyle. Now he will have to put up with co-worker detective. The novelty is built on the same pattern as the famous series “castle”. Together the main characters will solve one crime after another.

The trailer of the series “rosewood”

“Quantico”In the United States committed the biggest act of terrorism after 11 September 2001. But it is the beginning of the story, and up to this point in the center of the story is a group of future FBI agents arrived at the training center in Quantico. Alex Parrish always wanted to defend his country, but she becomes the Prime suspect in the terrorist attack. The user suspects that a massive explosion terrorists helped to realize one of his own. Alex is taken into custody, but she managed to escape. Only she could understand what had happened.

The trailer of the series “Quantico”

“Oil”In a provincial American town of Williston, located in North Dakota, find a rich oil field. The town becomes a place of pilgrimage huge number of people seeking improve their financial position. Risk everything: get either all or nothing. With this thought in Williston, a young couple arrives and Billy Cody. To get your piece of the pie, they will have to oppose local oil tycoon.

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The trailer of the series “Oil”

“Lucifer”Director Len Wiseman, who directed “underworld,” in the new television season will give the audience a new project – the series “Lucifer”. This adaptation of a popular comic book universe “DC”. In the story, Lucifer the master of Hell, leaves his throne and settles in Los Angeles, where he opened his nightclub “Lux”. He meets with an attractive pop star, which is then killed near the club. On the scene appears a messenger of the Lord. Lucifer’s call back, but instead he starts a relationship with the police detective.

The trailer of the series “Lucifer”

“Area of darkness”Free TV sequel to the sci-Fi film “fields of darkness” in which the main role is played by Bradley Cooper. In the series, he will appear, but only in order to seduce the future of the main character NZT pills that he took. As to the relationship between the timelines of the series and the movie – is not yet clear, but it is likely that the events of these two projects developed in parallel. Brian Sinclair, taking a single pill, has signed his own death warrant. Now he can’t stop even for a minute. He found out that someone is killing people, drug NZT, and decided to try to figure this out. On his journey he meets an unexpected fellow – detective of the local police Rebecca, played by Jennifer carpenter from “Dexter’s Justice”.

The trailer of the series “fields of darkness”

“Bleeding-heart”In the center of the plot of the series channel “al-Bi-si” – the world famous heart surgeon Alex Panter specializing in heart transplants. In fact, it’s the same “grey’s Anatomy”, only without the massive team of the main characters. Here all attention is focused only on one character. The audience will follow the path of the main character not only at work but also in personal life. It is noteworthy that the actress Melissa George, who plays Dr. Alex Panter previously starred in several episodes of “grey’s Anatomy” – played a doctor-trainee.

The trailer of the series “Breaking hearts”

“Quarantine”is the Most unexpected series in our review of “Quarantine”. In the center of his story – a mysterious disease that “mow” the population of Atlanta. The city is closed on quarantine, in accordance with existing security protocols. While the authorities try to understand the situation, the people stuck in quarantine in a panic. This drama tells not so much about the virus, but about relations between people in terms of a deadly epidemic.

The trailer of the series “Quarantine”

“Code black”Medical drama “channel si-Bi-es” talk about the doctors working in a hospital in the United States. This hospital brought in a huge number of patients in a different state. When the number of patients begins to exceed the number of resources (doctors, medicines) in the hospital declared a code Black. Judging on the trailer, this drama will not be “soap” component. Everything will be as tough.

The trailer of the series “Black code”

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