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Main films about Fidel Castro

Today after a long illness departed this life Fidel Castro for 49 years headed Cuba. In 2008, he handed over presidential powers to his brother Raul, who continues to lead the liberty Island to this day. During the reign of Fidel Castro, it was released a number of films – in his article we describe the most famous of them.

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Main films about Fidel Castro

“638 ways to kill Castro”, 2006, rumored to kill the Cuban leader tried 638 times, but in the end none of the attempts have not led to the desired result. In the film “638 ways to kill Castro”, which premiered on channel BBC4 ten years ago, tells about his most spectacular attempts to resolve targets taken as the local rebels and the us intelligence agencies and even representatives of the mafia clans. One day, Fidel Castro as a gift was handed the exploding cigar, but in the end she fell into his arms. Later, the Americans resorted to no less sophisticated methods of killing, they put the explosives in the shells of mollusks, painted them in bright colors to attract the attention of Castro, and then sent them to the coast of Cuba.

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The trailer of the film “638 ways to kill Castro”

“Comandante,” the 2003 Documentary, in which only two actors – the Director and author Oliver stone and Cuban leader Fidel Castro. In one hour of screen time, stone had laid a great interview in which he spoke with Castro on relevant topics. The film premiered at Sundance festival, but officially on the screens shown he was not.

The trailer of the film “Komandante”

“In search of Fidel”, 2004, a year after the premiere of “Comandante,” Oliver stone returned to Cuba. The reason for the creation of the painting “In search of Fidel” were the events that occurred on the island in 2003, then, on the orders of Fidel Castro was arrested and sentenced to 25 years in prison 75 people who were trying to seize aircraft to fly in the United States. In the film there is an episode in which the Cuban leader talking with prisoners. In the framework of the creation of the film, stone had to communicate with representatives of governmental structures and by the dissidents and their families.

The trailer of the movie “looking for Fidel”

“Castro in winter”, 2012, five years after the release of “In search of Fidel” in 2009-m – stone is once again sent to the Island of freedom. This interview is the first after in 2008 Fidel Castro resigned the Cuban leader, handing the reins to his brother Raul. This time Castro appears before the audience in a completely different environment – he is at home among his loving family members. In the film, Oliver stone spoke with the former President of Cuba about pressing themes: the President of the United States Barack Obama, Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, and also about events that happened in the world in recent years.

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A scene from the movie “Castro in winter”

“Cuba Libre,”the Only film about Fidel Castro in our review was released in 2002. This film directed by David Attwood tells about the life and the fate of the future Cuban leader: from the 1959 revolution to the present day. In the center of the story will be Castro himself and his colleagues and members of the family. The audience will witness the birth of a symbol of freedom, which many considered Fidel, you will see a failed attempt, get acquainted with the history of his rise to power.

Frame from the film “Cuba Libre”

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