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Mailbox American billionaire planted the explosives

В почтовый ящик американского миллиардера подложили взрывчаткуThe bomb squad blew up a dangerous find.

Unknown planted a bomb at the house of a well-known American financier of Hungarian-Jewish origin, philanthropist, philosopher George Soros in Westchester County of new York. It is stated in the statement of the representative of the police.

The explosive device was put in the mailbox of the house billionaire. It was discovered by one of the employees residence Soros. Opening the package from the mailbox, he saw a suspicious object and carried it to a safe distance to trees and called the police. Following this, the bomb squad blew up a dangerous find.

According to the police statement, the investigation was turned over to the FBI. As noted by The New York Times, Soros has repeatedly received threats from right-wing activists and organizations.

In accordance with Forbes, as 88-year-old George Soros reaches 8.3 billion U.S. dollars. This allows him to take 190 th place in the list of the richest people in the world and is at the 60th place among the richest Americans.

Soros, born in 1930, the year in Budapest, after moving to the United States engaged in financial activities. Successful investments allowed him to amass a large fortune. Hedge Fund and money of customers, he ruled from 1969 to 2011, after which he concentrated on charity. One of the most famous projects of the billionaire became the network “Soros Foundation” and Institute “open society”, which operate in more than 30 countries of the world: in 2017, he translated them 17 billion dollars. Soros foundations support educational, civic and cultural initiatives.

However, the Soros foundations are often accused of attempting to participate in political activities. In addition to Ukraine and Russia, with similar allegations, Soros faced in the West. So, in early October, trump accused the billionaire funding the protests against the nominated candidate, to the Supreme judge Beretta Cavanaugh, who is accused of sexual harassment. Prior to that, the Soros Foundation was forced to close its office at the home of billionaire in Hungary. Right populist, the authorities accused the Foundation that he is providing support to irregular migrants, thus promoting their influx. In June, the Hungarian government adopted a package of laws, called “Stop Soros”. It introduces criminal liability for assistance to irregular migrants from non-profit organizations.

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