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“Magic weapons,” Putin ridiculed caricature

"Галлюциногенное оружие" Путина высмеяли карикатуройNew work of Sergey Elkina.

In Russia said about the equipment of two frigates, a new weapon – station visual optical interference 5P-42 “Filin”. The makers claim that the use of such facilities causes the enemy hallucinations, nausea and leads to disorientation in space, made fun of a caustic caricature.

The use of “sickening” plants said famous cartoonist Sergei Elkin.

One of Internet users who left a comment under this post in social networks, wrote: “the Test volunteers indicated that it is impossible to conduct aimed fire from small arms (AK, SVD, PKM). And what moron actually shooting with AK on the frigate?” “Nine tons of weapons recently seized and destroyed,” joked another commenter, referring to the smuggling of cocaine, which got the Russian sailors.

"Галлюциногенное оружие" Путина высмеяли карикатурой

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