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Mads Mikkelsen will become the most dangerous killer on the planet

Graphic novel of Victor Santos ‘ “Polar: Came From the Cold” from the publisher “Dark Horse” will be filmed. This is a story about the dark world of hired killers with all the consequences, so that the output is supposed to be an action-Thriller in the spirit of “John Wick”. Like anything new (remember also “Particularly dangerous”), but there is one important caveat.

The main role in the film will be played by Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen. He hardly needs further introduction, is simply to admit that the work he always does it perfectly, and charisma, and a fortiori it does not hold. In “Polar” Mikkelsen will play the most dangerous assassin in the world, known as Black Kaiser.

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In the story the main character retires due to problems with the employer, but soon he must once again take up arms. For Kaiser real hunt begins: in his footsteps is a group of the young and the ruthless mercenaries who will stop at nothing on the way to their goal. Now, to survive, the hero must use all the deadly knowledge and skills acquired during the years of implementation of contracts. And to top it all the story involved a woman…

The film will be shot by the Swede Jonas Åkerlund, best known for the mass of music videos: he’s worked with Lady Gaga, Madonna, Rammstein, Metallica and other artists. Producer Jeremy Bolt said about these assignments is the following:

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Mads Mikkelsen was born to the role of the world’s best killer. It perfectly fits the image of the Black Kaiser, a unique, bright, but at the same time, the gloomy style of Jonas will allow this story to turn into something unforgettable.

Well, part Mikkelsen makes any project interesting, so we keep our finger on the pulse. In the meantime, let Black Kaiser rubs weapons and preparing for war.

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