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Madonna landed in another scandal

Мадонна угодила в очередной скандалThe adopted girls father claims that he was misled.

The father of two twins from Malawi, which recently was adopted by a famous American singer Madonna, said that did not know about the intentions of the stars to take them forever.

Мадонна угодила в очередной скандал

Stella’s father and Hester claims that he was misled because he believed that singer took his girls temporarily to give them a good education, and later they can come back to it in Malawi.

“Madonna took them forever? I was told that Esther and Stella give under temporary custody a wealthy woman from the United States that it will give them a good education, and then they come back to me, to live with me and help my whole family. Now you say they took forever. This may not be true – I don’t want it to be true. I’m their father, and I will always be their father,” says Mwale.

Мадонна угодила в очередной скандал

The father of the twins said that he gave them to the orphanage, but only in order to do better for them.

“I gave the girls in the orphanage after their mother died. We were happily married for many years. We had a good family life. But during birth she lost a lot of blood and died. The twins survived. In the hospital I was told that the orphanage would be the best option for them. Everyone in the village know what I did to make it better for my girls” – he admitted.

At a time when the court heard the case on the right of children to Mary, the father was allowed to take the girls some time to themselves. Mwale said that it was a wonderful 12 days. The girls were preparing for a new life, had mixed feelings of joy and the unknown. But he was sure that their departure abroad was temporary.

Мадонна угодила в очередной скандал

“I thought that they will be able to get the education that I could never afford one, and that one day we will be together again. Deep down I still hope for the future with them” – says the father.

Madonna herself has not commented on the statements of his own father girls.

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