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Madonna fans have suspected her that she did surgery to increase buttocks


The last couple of days, fans of 60-year-old Madonna only and discuss its probable augmentation of the buttocks — many of them believe that the star stuck in his fifth point of silicone implants. These suspicions came from the singer’s fans after her performance in New year’s eve at the famous new York gay bar Stonewall Inn. On stage Madonna, by the way, appeared together with his 13-year-old son David Banda and sang some songs while he accompanied her on the guitar.



And despite the fact that the speech of the Queen of the pop scene the public really enjoyed, discussed the public not his, and changed the shape of her buttocks. After the video of the party hit the Internet, the network has conducted an active discussion relative to the fifth point of the artist.

She’s got the pillow?

Madonna, why do you these fake butt?

I think she has implants. But they look terribly unnatural

— posted by netizens.


However, others were not so categorical and suggested that she’s just a very poorly made shirt in or attached microphone and battery.

View, her son is also attached to the battery

— saw them.

Representatives of the stars while these rumors are not commented.

What do you think: did Madonna have plastic surgery or is it just a bad outfit?


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