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Madness, shock, tin – outtake from Agony (VIDEO 18+)

Content for adults ONLY! The brutal murder of infants, the demonstration of genitals, rape, autopsy and “childbirth” demonic germ. Honestly, even for dirty paws Zone Horror’s video too. Not surprisingly, these episodes were cut from the game Agony.

On the other hand, we must pay tribute to developers of Studio Madmind – overtaking is an incredible, insane amount of tin, they tried to portray Hell as it probably should be. And they seem to have succeeded.

Madmind had posted this video on his YouTube channel, but the same day it was removed from there. Strictly 18+, only in flash player memory.

The game, incidentally, may 29 are already on sale, but judging by the first reviews turned out to be pretty buggy in terms of gameplay, and the plot sort of not really impressed.

The goal is to bring back memories and get out of hell. Under the control of the players will be three different characters (Ethereal Soul, Martyr and Demon), which will visit four different locations. In the story, you play the role of the soul of a deceased person that was in Hell without any memories of the past. You will be able to control different characters, getting their ability. During the game, the protagonist realizes that the only way to get out of Hell to meet the red Goddess.

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