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Made an offer for beer

Сделал предложение ради пива

Young couple faked an engagement to get free drinks in the American bar. At that time the guy with the girl met a month and were friends for about 8 years. They went on a trip, timed to coincide with her birthday.

The couple came to Georgia and went to bars in Atlanta. The guys decided to save a little “cheat”. In their head-born “brilliant” plan, following which they could have any drink in large quantities. And so it was.

Corinne Miller and Adam Carroll played the scene of the proposal of marriage in public. The people applauded, and have offered to pay for the newlyweds. Alcohol poured in. The bartender, with tears in her eyes too generous.

Inspired by the success the guys have done a simple trick in other bars. Pretty nachitavshis, they with quiet soul went to sleep.

Only six months later, Adam on his birthday made a proposal of marriage, but really. Fortunately the girl knew no bounds, and the story gained popularity. Then it became known that all this time the pair were just scamming people for free alcohol.

What not to do, for a breath of fortified.

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