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MacBook Pro 2016 has encountered an unexpected problem

В MacBook Pro 2016 обнаружена неожиданная проблемаNew MacBook Pro 2016 gradually sold out users worldwide, and it is quite natural that during its use revealed some shortcomings and bugs.

Some owners of the new device began to complain of problems with graphics adapter AMD, often with Radeon Pro 460. We are talking about models with 15-inch display.

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The first complaints about work schedules began to appear in mid-November. During the month, users were gradually added to the topic new comments, now the discussion has 9 pages.

The appearance of artifacts when working with Adobe Media Encoder, Premiere Pro, Apple Photo. This graphics-intensive enough FOR the video card. Also noticed the complete disappearance of the symbols and flashing screen.

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It is assumed that the problem lies in the defect of the crystal GPU. For some time the problem corrects restart the computer, but then the bug appears again.

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