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MacBook is more secure

MacBook стал более защищеннымApple’s T2 disables the microphone when the lid of the MacBook closed.

New security processor T2 from Apple disables the microphone when laptop lid is closed, so that no one could eavesdrop on users.

Because this is strictly hardware, no software can access the microphone.

“All portable Macs with Apple T2 hardware Security Chip equipped with a disconnector, which ensures that the microphone is turned off whenever the lid is closed. This separation is implemented only in hardware and therefore prevents the use of the software even with root privileges or kernel in macOS, and even the software on the chip T2”, – stated in the documents of Apple.

The document specifically States that the new processor does not disable the camera of the MacBook, because its field of view completely blocked when the lid is closed laptop.

The new chip also got a secure enclave coprocessor to encrypt the data file system, Apple (APFS), load protection against attacks and protect the TouchID.

Interestingly, until recently, the MacBook was considered quite dangerous in terms of information leakage. In particular, last year, security researcher Patrick Wardle found malware that can use the webcam of the MacBook.

More and more companies now offer blocking options microphones and cameras of their products. For example, the new smart screen from Facebook, called Portal, has a dedicated button to disable them.

According to journalists, for Apple it is a step in the right direction. However, the MacBook has traditionally kept the lid half closed. They will need to change this habit and make sure that they are properly close the lid to prevent eavesdropping.

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