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Luxury cars of those who rule the world. Photo

Роскошные автомобили тех, кто правит миром. ФотоCars of famous people.

Since its inception, the car has occupied a special place among the things available to man. Throughout most of its history, this form of transport was still a status thing. The model of the car often and today is not only a measure of financial capability, but also the place which man occupies in society. And of course, the powers their cars. About the most famous cars, which traveled (and still travel), world leaders and will be discussed in this review.

1. Mercedes-Benz 600

Роскошные автомобили тех, кто правит миром. Фото

Model Mercedes-Benz 600 was incredibly popular among the global leaders from 1963 to 1981. These machines traveled presidents, members of Royal families and dictators. In 1965, one was even donated to Pope Paul VI. Incredibly complex machine at that time, in particular its hydraulics. Worked on 6.3-litre V8 engine. About 70 cars of this model were collected specifically for politicians by hand, with reinforced armor.

2. Hongqi L5

Роскошные автомобили тех, кто правит миром. Фото

This Chinese car is known at least by the fact that it was moving at the time he Mao, at whose disposal the car came in 1965. Later, the car was the official vehicle of members of the Communist party of China, of course its higher echelon. As the engine 600 uses a strong 6.0-liter V12.

3. Lancia Thesis

Роскошные автомобили тех, кто правит миром. Фото

Lancia Thesis was issued partly in order to re-revive the ailing name of the 109-year-old brand. Luxurious interior, innovative design, first-class stuffing. Despite all the efforts of the Lancia Thesis, unfortunately, was not able long to settle down from the leadership of Italy, but despite this managed to remember.

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4. ZIL 41047

Роскошные автомобили тех, кто правит миром. Фото

Car ZIL – 41047 is the most famous of the Soviet government car, which was used by members of the government and other authorities, the powers that be of the individual. The car appeared in the early 50-ies of the last century and was used until recently in Russia. Throughout its history, the ZIL 41047 repeatedly modernized. In fact, “41047” is the latest model of official government car created in 1985.

5. Lincoln Continentals

Роскошные автомобили тех, кто правит миром. Фото

In 2011, during the funeral procession dedicated to the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il on film was a rare and somewhat ironic photo. The thing is that in the procession was attended by the Lincoln Continentals, manufactured by Ford company. According to some they were used by the dictator. Some also argue that in reality, Kim was a rare admirer of American culture, especially cinema.

6. Toyota Century

Роскошные автомобили тех, кто правит миром. Фото

The official car which was used extensively from 1967 to 1997. During this time the machine was modernized several times, but never changed radically. As you can easily guess, the main consumer of these V12 “stallions” is the government of Japan. Drove the car literally all the officials, how the car could only be allowed on duty. Curiously, this car is one of the most poorly prodeklarirovany manufacturer.

7. Lincoln Continental Limousine

Роскошные автомобили тех, кто правит миром. Фото

At the time this car was seen as the apogee of “American modernity”, as living proof of the achievements of the American engineers. Despite the outstanding specifications in this limo forever stained with the blood of one of the presidents of the United States. This, of course, talking about John Kennedy. However, this does not prevent to exploit this model in government until 1977.

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8. Rolls-Royce Phantom IV

Роскошные автомобили тех, кто правит миром. Фото

These cars were produced in the 50-ies of the last century. One of the few cars that saw every man at least once, he probably has no idea whose this creation. Corrects this omission. This car created by the British company Rolls-Royce. Even today, the Phantom IV remained one of the official government vehicles in Spain and the UK. Moreover, the Phantom IV is still being manufactured by Rolls-Royce, but only to order the most powerful people on the planet.

9. Bentley State Limousine

Роскошные автомобили тех, кто правит миром. Фото

And this vehicle can be described as a modern take on a classic official British cars. The car was designed for the anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Only Bentley has created two such machines and both are in the fleet of the British Royal family. Some argue that this machine is in the top 15 on the level of security.

10. Cadillac One

Роскошные автомобили тех, кто правит миром. Фото

Finally it is impossible not to mention about Cadillac One, a car which today is used by US presidents. Secret service security uses against the machine call “the Beast.” The machine is extremely protected and incredibly cobbled engine. Cadillac One going only by order of the government of the United States and only manually.

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