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Lutsenko told the details of the operation regarding Babchenko

Луценко рассказал подробности спецоперации касательно БабченкоMost people from the “death list” – Ukrainian journalists and journalists who departed from Russia.

The list of potential victims from a list of 47 people guards provided by the people around Boris Hermann. About this and other details of the RAID said on the radio NV Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, the interview was posted on Youtube.

He said that the list had not been received from the organizer. These data organizer provided to a third party, and as a result of the special operation, the SBU was able to identify that person and to withdraw the list.

“Most of these people are journalists of Ukraine as well as journalists who left Russia”, – said Lutsenko, adding that for some of these people were paid two million. To answer the question of whether the policies list, Lutsenko refused.

The attorney General said that initially, the SBU has received information that Herman, discussing the delivery of another batch of weapons from the zone ATO, offered to commit murder for hire. Security forces made contact with the person who accepted the offer.

It was a volunteer of anti-terrorist operation Alexey Tsymbalyuk. He collaborated with the secret services and acted as the controlled law enforcement system killer. SBU has registered a case of preparing to murder.

After some time, the organizer of the murder was required to eliminate one more person, some of the Odessa activist. And a week after was called another name – this time a former officer of Russian security services. Also, the organizer said that there is a whole list of 30 persons who must die.

Lutsenko added that the organizer could hold only after transfer of the second part of money. “And that would mean that we will save Babchenko and it is not known for how long and will truncate the string to the unknown for the customer details. And don’t get the list to 30 people, which is a deadly list,” he said.

Therefore, the security service went on emergency, but permitted by law the method of simulating the murder. According to Lutsenko, over the past few years such operations were performed 31 times. Regulates the legitimacy of these transactions, the article 271 of the CPC.

After a simulated murder organizer called the contractor and said that he immediately flies abroad, the money he will give later.

“It became clear that the chain can be interrupted, so the SBU is rightly detained German on the street”, – Lutsenko declared.

According to the public Prosecutor about the details of the RAID knew a dozen people, and the hardest part was to keep it a secret.

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