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Lutsenko revealed details of the conversation with Zelensky

Луценко раскрыл детали разговора с Зеленским

The attorney General has long had normal relations with the new head of state.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko said that during a meeting with President Vladimir Zelensky talked to him about the work of the GPU, the main tasks in the fight against corruption and talked on other topics. As transfers the Internet edition of the, he said this in an interview

On the question of what they talked about with Zelensky during the meeting, Lutsenko said: “It was a meeting where I semi-officially reported to the three years in the Prosecutor’s office and what else needs to be done. And talked about the main tasks of the fight against corruption, how to block main sources — the public sector, custom, raiding, fraud to the ground.”

The attorney General noted that there were other topics to discuss.

However, he said that he has long had normal relations with the new head of state.

“I don’t want to be the one who recently speaks loudly of friendship with Zelensky, but we have developed normal human relationships, even when I, as the Minister of the interior was needed for the concert “95 quarter”,” — said Lutsenko, adding that he was invited to come to “was not afraid to make fun of senior officials”.

The question legalize whether the presence of high-level humor, he said at first, and then he was just curious.

“I don’t like everything in the last years of activities of the 95th, but we have normal human relationships. Nowadays they go in a completely different format,” — said the head of the GPU.

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