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Lutsenko is not going to go to the premiere

Луценко не собирается идти в премьерыThe attorney General said that he intends to bring to an end the criminal proceedings, the ex-dictator, Viktor Yanukovych.

Lutsenko in the near future is not going to leave the post of attorney General and declares that no claim for the post of Prime Minister.He stated this at a briefing today.

“I’m going for a long time to work in the Prosecutor General’s office. I have a lot of plans. I dare say that even some of the results. Many things are in process, and I intend to bring them, starting with the condemnation of Yanukovych, returning billions of dollars of assets, prosecute members of the current government for corruption… now I Have no other political ambitions,” he said.

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Lutsenko also said his job as attorney General, “a challenge of a lifetime” and stressed that it is not itself a candidate for political office.

“I do not expect nor Prime Ministers, nor to any office,” he added.

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