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Lutsenko has announced a new courts for square

Луценко анонсировал новые суды по делам МайданаUkraine’s Prosecutor General has once again promised to bring the case of the Maidan to the end.

Today, speaking at the opening of the exhibition of memory of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred in Kiev, Yury Lutsenko told about the Affairs of the Maidan, which, starting in 2016, the courts have not yet begun to consider for unknown reasons.

“I can not say about the resistance, the reluctance of the judiciary to make these cases a priority. Just remember that in 2016 and has not begun litigation on the submission of the Prosecutor General for the commander of the 2nd company commander of “Berkut”, the Deputy commander of the 1st company of the “Berkut” officers of the 1st company commander of “Berkut”, the Prosecutor of Kyiv, the Dnieper head of Ministry of internal Affairs and his deputies, former Deputy of the SBU in Kiev region, three former commanders of “Berkut”. It is not clear why with 16-year courts have not found possible, at least to start these processes,” – said Lutsenko.

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