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Lutsenko explained why Yanukovych has not yet judged for independence

Луценко объяснил, почему Януковича еще не судят за МайданIn priority – case of treason, ex-President, says Lutsenko.

The public Prosecutor will announce the suspected former President Viktor Yanukovych for crimes during the Maidan immediately after the verdict in the case of treason. This was attorney General announced in the Verkhovna Rada during the report year tenure.

“The case for indictment Yanukovych and Zakharchenko on the organization of the atrocities on the Maidan against peaceful demonstrators will be sent to court immediately after the proceedings of high treason,” – said the Prosecutor General.

“The greatest achievement for the year of tenure as attorney General, I believe the investigation is completed and the start of the trial of Yanukovych, who is accused of treason of the Ukrainian people. And this is only the first step. That Viktor Yanukovych was a symbol of evil, and for independence, and for the vast majority of Ukrainians. Now, I as attorney General I will prove it in court. The evil will be punished”, – said Lutsenko.

Also, the attorney General said that the decision of Interpol regarding Yanukovych has been politicized.

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