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Lundgren, monsters, fun: Welcome to Willits!

This film, like many others, grew out of short film – and it was growing quite long already since 2013. On his way met the various obstacles, but in the end horror Comedy “Welcome to Willits” (Welcome to Willits) took shape as a feature film and is about to be presented to the audience.

We have already drawn attention to this project when they posted a fun trailer and a short film-source. Since then, a lot of blood has flowed, and we got a cool poster and another trailer to be able to appreciate this madness.

Recall synopsis:

A quiet, peaceful life of the small town of Willits is broken unprecedented for this event: suddenly went into the forest dwellers lost in it. At first no one was concerned about their disappearance, have sinned that they could just get lost in the woods. However, the passage of time did not return they began to look, but found only the bloody remains. What or who could do this to people?

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If you believe the creators, we are waiting not only bloody hilarious, but still science fiction. Apparently, unknown monsters with which to fight the heroes who have alien registration. At least the character on the poster similar to the classic alien. And yet we are promised an old-school effects and a fresh take on the old NF-horror. Well, we’ll see.

The film was made by Trevor Ryan on the script of his brother Tim. Castes, these guys have collected a motley: bill sage (“American psycho”), Dolph Lundgren (“the Expendables”), Anastasia Baranova (the series “Z Nation”), Rory Culkin (“Scream 4”) and Thomas Dekker (“a Nightmare on elm street”, 2010). Old Lundgren here, of course, stands out. However, it’s not like the role he is one of the main. However, the action hero of the 80s is always a pleasure to see on the screen.

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“Welcome to Willits” will be released in limited release on 22 September 2017. The same will be release and on VOD services.

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