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Lukyanenko, Bondarchuk and other “stars” praising “blade Runner 2049” (VIDEO)

Science fiction writer Sergey Lukyanenko, the Director Fyodor Bondarchuk, actors Pavel Derevyanko, Paulina Andreeva, Irina Starshenbaum and Pavlo Tabakov praising the film, Denis Villeneuve’s “blade Runner 2049” (Blade Runner 2049), which premiered the other day on 5 October.

It is difficult to say whether to trust the opinion of all these “stars”, but keep in mind that once the same or similar opinion about the film adheres to and edition memory. A colleague of Pavlov labored laudatory review, and I appreciate the “Running…” is very high – though not as high as a colleague. IMHO, closer to the truth was Rutger Hauer, who said that “it will not be the “blade Runner””. And the truth is not the same. Other, your. Not as deep in meaning, but also very smart and incredibly beautiful.

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