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Lukashenko told why he had appointed the eldest son of the assistant

Лукашенко рассказал, зачем назначил старшего сына помощником

During a visit to the Academy of management under the President Alexander Lukashenko said he did not regret appointing the eldest son as an assistant. The recording of the performance posted on the YouTube channel “ATN news Belarus and the world.”

Лукашенко рассказал, зачем назначил старшего сына помощником

Photo: Inga of Scaler, TUT.BY

The President was asked to describe the main criteria of efficiency of the state body and its head.

— First, is the professionalism. I often talk about it, without modesty now say: I do not accept cronyism, nepotism. I don’t have that “here the Trustee”, “close this”, “this native” and so on. Absolutely not. The only Victor you know my eldest son? Why I am his assistant appointed? He often used it. To like a very sharp burning question to convey to the President within a few hours. And I’m not sorry, I was getting Frank, honest, nepriglazhennyh questions. Can’t say that Natalia Kochanova today is the employee. I often give an example that she did not retouch these questions.

That should be the head. <…> And do not think that we have always, as before said, to pull, an acquaintance, you can advance to higher positions. I’ll tell you, we even trends in society, there are none. Maybe only the young, which for a student bench. We have, as in other States, [the assumption that] state post — meat space. No, there is particularly no breaks because they have to work day and night and give the result — this is the main indicator of any Manager.

Recall, Viktor Lukashenko since 2005 holds a post of the assistant to the President for national security. Also since 2007 he is a member of the security Council of Belarus. From April 2019 Viktor Lukashenko, acting first Vice-President of the NOC.
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